The Advanced Air team

CHRIS KUZELKA- President and  Director of Operations 


IN THE INDUSTRY:  Since I could hold a tool 


WORDS TO LIVE BY:  "What I must do is all that concerns me, not what people think." -Emerson

Chris is a third generation HVAC contractor and sheet metal journeyman who was working with tools in his hands at an early age. Chris' predecessors brought him up in the trades. The family frequently contracted on new home construction projects. Chris was learning sheet metal fabrication, plumbing, electrical, framing and roofing from the age of ten years old. His deep-rooted practical knowledge combined with a powerful work ethic was bound to propel him into a successful career. 

Chris worked for Arizona Public Service while simultaneously honing his HVAC service skills. He focused his efforts on becoming the exceptional mechanical service technician and problem solver that he is now known to be. After 30 years of work in his service business, Chris increased his portfolio by expanding into more commercial work. The additional exposure to sophisticated mechanical applications greatly increased his knowledge and skill set. From 2001-2013 he was hired by a New York firm to be the chief building engineer and was instrumental in the transformation of a 600,000 square foot building to Class A office space. Complete with cooling towers, a sub-level plant and multiple air handling systems, Chris implemented protocol and procedures for energy management, security, fire, safety, maintenance and several other in-house facility operations.  This property was often referred to as a prototype of ideal energy management systems and facility operations.

 Chris went on to partner with Annie, his daughter, in co-founding Advanced Air LLC continuing a four generation legacy. With all of the experience Chris has acquired, it is no surprise that he is often referred to as a "guru" of the industry. A critical thinker and problem solver, Chris welcomes difficult challenges in all types of HVAC settings and systems. He has a reputation for confronting and solving the most defying mechanical system challenges. Chris leads the daily operations of the service team while actively meeting with clients and planning future projects.